Standing Committee

NEREUS has set itself an ambitious work program for 2016/2017. Enhanced European and interregional collaborations require strategic and professional expertise. In order to respond to such challenges, NEREUS has set-up a new network body: the Standing Committee (SC).


It comprises multidisciplinary experts with a profound knowledge of their regional space capabilities. The SC members distinguish themselves through a close linkage to the political level as well as to their regional space community (enterprises, clusters, research organizations). As a strategic advisory body to the NEREUS-Management Board, it’s main mission is to provide expert and forward looking advice.



NEREUS is made of different network bodies: General Assembly, Management Board, Secretariat, Working Groups and now the Standing Committee.

Learn about how these different working structures interact together.


The experts forming the Standing Committee are nominated by the NEREUS Member Regions. Regions have the choice to signal experts which have a deep knowledge of the economic realm or some that have experience in research or public administration. Regions can nominate up to 3 experts.

  • Joaquin RODRIGUEZ GRAU (Andalusia)
  • Silvia DE LOS SANTOS (Andalusia)
  • Evelina MILELLA (Apulia)
  • Giovanni SYLOS LABINI (Apulia)
  • Artur GIL (Azores)
  • Ana MARTINS (Azores)
  • Valerio TRAMUTOLI (Basilicata)
  • Nicola PERGOLA (Basilicata)
  • Angelo DONVITO (Basilicata)
  • Juergen VOGEL (Bavaria)
  • Andreas Nicolaus KUEPPERS (Brandenburg)
  • Peter VITS (Free Hanseatic City of Bremen)
  • Barbara CEMBELLA (Free Hanseatic City of Bremen)
  • John LEWIS (Hesse)
  • Lorenzo LO CASCIO (Lazio)
  • Leonardo LORUSSO (Lombardy)
  • Silvia FABRIZI (Lombardy)
  • Eugenio FONTAN ONATE (Madrid)
  • Ewa JANCZAR (Mazovia)
  • Philippe BARDEY (Province-Alpes-Cotes d’Azur)
  • Philippe MUSSI (Province-Alpes-Cotes d’Azur)
  • Roberto PINI (Tuscany)
  • Tiziano MAZZONI (Tuscany)
  • Maurizio DE GENNARO (Veneto)
  • Silvano DE ZORZI (Veneto)

The nomination process is open and ongoing.

Download the experts’ biographies (to come)