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As Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies, NEREUS offers a dynamic platform to all Regions aiming at making a better use of space applications for the delivery of efficient public policies benefiting citizens.


As Europe’s flagship space programs, Copernicus and EGNOS/Galileo, have entered the stage of operability, they provide data and signals which can be transformed into useful information for Regions across Europe.


Space technologies can be used to address a broad range of territorial management issues, such as to agriculture, traffic and transportation, water and air quality, cultural heritage, e-health… Because Regions are both key users and procurers of products and services based on space technologies, enhancing the regional dimension of European space policy becomes fundamental to bring the added value of space to citizens.


NEREUS serves as an advocate for regional concerns, voicing the regional dimension of European space policies and programs at a political level.Striving to be a key source of information on space matters for our members, we aim at increasing the awareness and understanding of space solutions for all public users.


NEREUS’ work can be summarised in 3 pillars of activities:

  • political dialogue,
  • interregional collaboration and partnerships,
  • communication and public outreach.


NEREUS, since 2007.


Space on Earth, Space for all.


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