Vice President Bruns’s questions addressed to the NEREUS members at the 2012 General Assembly

1-      What do you think about space technologies awareness in your regions? Do people know about GMES/GNSS?


2-      What NEREUS could do to improve its communication towards its members? What tools do you need to improve raise awareness in your regions?


3-      What do you think about implementing a regional strategy on space application (how to deal with with space and space applications in your region)?


4-      About the NEREUS internal working structure: It is evident that the NEREUS WG are facing some problems in developing and managing their activities. Some problems are linked to budgetary constraints (no budget for travelling and be present at the WGs’ meeting), however, the problem is obviously deeper. Therefore, how could we improve the work of the NEREUS WGs?


5-      How important do you consider the matter of involving your region in possible project funding opportunities?


6-      How NEREUS can mobilize new members? What do you think about introducing incentives for new member regions who wish to join the network? 


While several members reacted immediately during the GA, others were not able to join the discussion. To give all members alike the opportunity to share their views with us, we invite all members to send us their feed-back to the six questions above and/or their comments during the debate.


Please send your contributions to Federica Bordelot:


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