DORIS_NET (full title: Downstream Observatory organised by Regions active In Space – Network) is the first EU-funded project that was mobilized on the NEREUS platform. Bringing together 13 NEREUS partners the project was nominated as NEREUS flagship project and supported from its initial stage as it evolves around the core mission of NEREUS. The project ended in February 2013.

Building on the fundamental NEREUS objective to spread the use of space technologies across Europe, the DORIS_net project wishes to see more regional actors involved in the implementation of space based services.

DORIS_Net has established the first network of “Regional Contact Offices” (RCOs), as part of a European GMES Downstream Service Platform, to support regional users and service providers. The concept aims at engaging more regional actors in a structural dialogue and intra/inter-regional co-operations in order to maximize the benefits from innovative GMES-services which can have significant impact on the economy, environment and the quality of life of the citizens.

Each RCO is meant to serve as a meeting/exchange point among local authorities, providers and potential users of GMES services and other stakeholders at regional, national and European level. Its mission is to increase the use of space technologies for the benefit of potential users and developers of innovative applications and to help creating business opportunities meeting regional needs.

To promote the use of space technologies, RCOs act for:

  • providing information on the GMES programme, the benefits and the opportunities for innovation arising from it
  • monitoring/mapping existing GMES services at regional level and promoting the transfer of research results in new applications, services and patents
  • assisting users in their search for advanced services related to their needs and providers in getting in touch with potential customers
  • training potential users and service providers
  • connecting the demand/supply of new products and EO-based services
  • conveying to regional actors the demand/supply of services/products coming from the RCOs network and vice versa
  • promoting partnerships and pilot initiatives, as well as technology and/or commercial cooperation agreements

For more information about the DORIS_Net Project: and CORDIS website page.

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DORIS_Net in the news!

Abstract “Servizi da telerilevamento nelle regioni europee: il catalogo della domanda e offerta del progetto DORIS_Net” presented at ASITA conference 2013 (in Italian)


Contact: Paola Carrara DORIS_Net


National Research Council of Italy – Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment

Via Bassini, 15 – 20133 Milano

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